Syrrx (now Takeda Pharmaceuticals) Syrrx (now Takeda Pharmaceuticals) Syrrx (now Takeda Pharmaceuticals)

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Syrrx (now Takeda Pharmaceutical Company) San Diego Headquarters

Syrrx (now owned by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company) is shaping the future of drug discovery. The company is the technological leader in the field of structural proteomics, the process of generating protein structures from genetic information. It uses its proprietary technologies to rapidly generate protein structures and then uses these structures to discover new drugs. This process enables a unique “gene to drug” platform based on the ability to perform high-throughput rational drug discovery.

Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects programmed and designed Syrrx’s corporate headquarters, a tenant improvement in the Slough Estates USA building. The office provides an energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing environment for their employees to develop the company’s budding technologies. FPBA utilized natural light, varied colors and quality materials, to create a setting that exceeds the technical requirements for laboratories,and delivered a space that even the most talented scientists would love to work in. The result of this project is an incredibly efficient machine whose aesthetics evolved out of its function. The commitment to quality materials, energy efficient equipment and a clean, sophisticated design has paid dividends to Syrrx (now Takeda) by resulting in rebates from the SDGE “Savings By Design” program and becoming a primary factor in the company’s ability to recruit and retain the most sought-after employees.


San Diego, California

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