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El Cajon Animal Shelter

Building on our extensive experience with the design of animal care facilities, FPBA was selected by the City of El Cajon to provide needs assessment, master plan and cost estimates for a new animal shelter. The new shelter required a needs assessment and master plan that could respond to four different scenarios ranging from a shelter that could support only the needs of El Cajon or several combinations of shelter services for neighboring communities who cannot afford shelters of their own.

The facility will consist of a new building with associated parking and landscaping, outdoor exercise/play areas for animals, and wash stations to clean animal cages and trucks used by the Animal Control Division. The facility will be open to the public six days per week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, staff members will be present around the clock to monitor and care for animals at the facility. The proposed building will include administrative offices, housing for animals, veterinary services for sick and injured animals at the facility, grooming areas, indoor play/interaction areas, pet adoption services, miscellaneous storage, and a small retail area for the sale of pet supplies.

The project will be designed to maximize operations efficiency, flexibility to accommodate spikes in animal housing needs, and energy efficiency on a best value basis most appropriate to the project type. The building will be served by two primary public entries – one for adoptions, located on the west side of the building, and the second for admissions, located on the south side – with secondary entries for after hour events in the multipurpose room.


El Cajon, CA

Square Footage

14,000 SF/1.2 acre site

Team Members

Phil Pape
Amanda Schultz