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HCP Science Center Drive

Recognizing that the market for full-building lab tenants has evolved, HCP engaged FPBA to develop an initial feasibility study to test the opportunities for conversion of the shell to up to seven smaller lab suites. Based on the recommendations in the feasibility study, HCP then hired FPBA to implement the multi-tenant improvements.

Taking advantage of adoption of the International Building Code, this fully sprinkled building was completely renovated. With a more open plan, it increased the use of natural light and implemented several flexible common-area improvements, including an expanded break room and contiguous exterior dining areas, four small and two large common conferencing rooms and an array of laboratories supporting different-sized tenants pursuing a variety of scientific research.

A new, brighter color palette emerged to enhance and better tie together the building exterior and interior, refreshing both. Common-area materials were selected for both durability and as direct compliments to the overall building renovations.

The shell and site upgrades were completed in May of 2015, with three of the lab suites pre-leased and completed at the same time as the shell. Since completion, two more of the suites have been occupied. The strategies outlined in FPBA’s initial feasibility study and the follow-up implementation designs have clearly responded well to the emerging smaller labs that the market calls for today.


La Jolla, California

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Philip Pape
Andy Darragh