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Inhibrx Renovation, Torrey Pines Science Park

FPBA provided schematic design through construction administration services for a creative office and lab space located in Torrey Pines Science Park for Inhibrx. A clinical stage biologic therapeutic company, Inhibrx recently won an award of up to $6 million to advance production of its biotherapeutic drug, INBRX-111.

The design incorporates elements of nature throughout, blurring the natural and built environments to create a biophilic setting that encourages employee productivity and health.

Since most employees will spend more time in the laboratories than their offices, lab areas are pushed to the perimeter with sweeping views of the coastline. To extend natural light further into the building, tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), glass walls and sliding glass doors are used liberally throughout. Interior and exterior operable glass walls surround the recreation area and break areas, creating flexibility, expandability and an opportunity to benefit from the ocean breeze.

Low-maintenance moss walls introduce an element of biophilia, known to reduce stress and promote creativity and general well-being.


San Diego, CA

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Team Members

Amanda Schultz
Ann Shelton
Jan Bondoc
Sarah Brooks