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NuVasive Amenities Building and Campus Upgrades

NuVasive, Inc., a leading medical device company focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally integrated solutions, tasked FPBA with assisting in the expansion of its San Diego global headquarters.

The project involves creating a new three-story, 28,000-square-foot amenities building that will house a surgical suite, fitness center, conference center, full-service cafeteria, product discovery center and campus reception.

Site improvements to the 15-acre campus will create a new entry promenade, outdoor cafeteria space/overflow seating, entertainment zone and outdoor collaboration space. The three existing building exteriors will be upgraded to complete the improved campus experience.


San Diego, CA

Square Footage

28,000 SF New Building
15-acre Campus Improvement
3-building Reskin

Team Members

Philip Pape
Stefanie Deal
Derek McFarland
Carlos Ortuño
Iisha Sethi