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NuVasive Surgeon Experience Center and Campus Upgrades

NuVasive, Inc., a leading medical device company focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally integrated solutions, tasked FPBA with assisting in the expansion of its San Diego global headquarters.

The new three-story, ground-up building houses the NuVasive Surgeon Experience Center, product display, offices and large meeting space. A 30-foot folding door opens up the first floor to create a spacious environment for large campus-wide events, while exterior decks on each level provide additional room for activities. A two-story glass lobby and illuminated signage create prominence at the campus entrance.

FPBA also worked with Healthpeak and NuVasive to provide site beautification and exterior modifications. The three existing building skins were upgraded to establish continuity with the Experience Center and complete the improved campus experience.


San Diego, CA

Square Footage

28,000 SF new building
15-acre campus improvement
3-building reskin

Team Members

Philip Pape
Stefanie Deal
Derek McFarland