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San Diego State University, CG/BAM/ED Renovation

This project is a combination of three separate projects linked together as a phased relocation of four different departments within the College of Science at SDSU.  FPBA was able to create a new building design that meets the needs of a 21st century college and integrated the building into a historic college campus.

The first element renovates the interior and exterior of the 1960 132,000 square foot Chemistry/Geology Building to an academic state-of-the-art building with soft science classrooms, computer laboratories and offices. This also includes the decontamination of chemical, asbestos and lead paint hazards.

The second element of the project restructured and modernized 26,000 square feet of interior spaces within the 1964 Business Administration and Math Building.

The third element replaced the substandard education building and construct a 62,000 square foot landscaped plaza connecting the major campus circulation paths.


San Diego, California

Square Footage


Team Members

Phil Pape
Ken Baldwin

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