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Teledyne Instruments, Inc.

Teledyne provides enabling technologies for industrial growth markets including aerospace, defense, and multiple markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. These markets include deep water oil and gas exploration production, oceanographic research and air and water quality environmental monitoring, factory automation and medical imaging.

Teledyne hired FPBA to relocate and merge two distinct Teledyne manufacturing business units into a single facility in Scripps Ranch. The design team was challenged with meeting the physical needs for Teledyne’s Advanced Pollution Instrumentation and SeaBotix units by providing dedicated manufacturing areas for each was critical to the success of the project while also preserving existing infrastructure for common amenities and business operations that conformed to the construction budget.

Overhead utilities were provided in the manufacturing areas for ease of adaptability, to streamline workflow, to provide a cohesive working environment for all employees, and to gain efficiency utilizing an open manufacturing environment for maximum flexibility and growth. The following common amenities and manufacturing functions were provided to create a sense of community for the entire staff while also conserving valuable floor area:
• Enhanced Lobby that acknowledges each business unit as a Teledyne Company
• Common Loading Dock and Shipping Receiving Area
• Shared Conference and Training Rooms
• Shared Lunch Room, Break Rooms, Restrooms and Locker Area


San Diego, CA

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Team Members

Andrew Darragh
Allan Trowbridge
Iisha Sethi