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University of California, Irvine Alumni Center

The LEED Platinum UCI Alumni Center establishes a presence that extends far beyond the borders of the campus to generate an economical, educational, and cultural bridge to the world. FPBA weaved this ideology into the design, and through a meticulous and collaborative process, the team yielded a facility embodying a balance of progressive architecture, sustainable design, and thoughtful campus integration with maximized program efficiencies.

An elegant and welcoming folded glass plane at the entry envelops and ties together the compositional form of the building and announces itself as the entry to campus, creating a prominent doorway easily discernible to visitors and establishing a welcoming environment on the campus to students and alumni. Strong connections and seamless transitions to the natural environment create free-flowing spaces and an atmosphere of celebration. The nature of the facility and the location of the site dictate the form of the building, and the resulting design takes on that of an iconic marker.


Irvine, CA

Square Footage


Team Members

Phil Pape

Sustainable Features

LEED Platinum Certified


Award of Merit by the Design-Build Institute of America, Western Pacific Region

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