Arianna Santana

What physical activity do you like best?
I enjoy outdoor activities, preferably near the ocean. I like going on runs, hikes, doing yoga, watching the sunset with a bottle of wine and last but not least, surfing. I love my Love Child, which is a 6’4” single fin fun board. It is a little bit retro. Stay salty my friends!

What’s your favorite building and why?
This is a hard question; there is such a rich variety of different types of architecture. However, as of now, my favorite building is the Chichu Art Museum in the island of Naoshima, Japan. This enormous underground sculpture is a little piece of heaven on earth. Tadao Ando, as a master of concrete and light, created a series of chambers that take your breath away and dive you into sensory architecture. Each chamber is focused on the works of a different artist such as the astonishing spaces of James Turrell and the beautiful Water Lilies of Claude Monet.