Where is your favorite travel destination?
My favorite vacation was when my wife and I went to the Galapagos Islands. We were amazed at how diverse and different the animal and plant life were from one island to the next. You could walk right up to seals or blue-footed boobies and they wouldn’t move or be frightened away. We had to step over groups of iguanas because they were focused on getting their warmth from the sun and didn’t want to move. The sea life we saw while snorkeling was just as spectacular. Part of our experience was the intimacy of our 16 passenger catamaran and the friends we made among the other guests that were from all over the world.

What physical activity do you like best?
I’m not big on going to the gym, I prefer outdoor activities. The physical activity I like best is snow skiing. I have choices when I ski as too how physical it will be; gentle slopes when I feel like cruising or the steep chutes or moguls for a real workout! The views during this workout are an added bonus!