Where is your favorite travel destination?
I spent a summer studying abroad in the Balkans, and I fell in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is filled with incredible, strong people. Its unique mix of cultures can’t be found many places, and the food (especially ćevapi) is mouthwatering. With lush green landscapes, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of a kind. My favorite site was Kravica Falls, a stunning 80-foot cascade not too overrun with tourists.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I love exploring nature. Whether it be backpacking to the top of Half Dome, rock climbing in the San Bernardino National Forest, roller skating on the Mission Beach boardwalk, photographing the Milky Way, or discovering new critters in the tide pools of Ocean Beach, I am always energized by spending time outside.

Becky climbing at Holcomb Valley