Bruno Larios

What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by the old-school Organic Architects and their followers. Frank Lloyd Wright of course, and Bruce Goff, but also their students: fellow visionaries Paolo Soleri and Eugene Tsui among others. To them, Architecture began and ended with people, and the human experience, and creating beauty and peace in the lives of those who would inhabit the spaces they created. These men had the freedom and talent and bravery to strive for and achieve great things, and I need to remind myself of their example so that I may again have the bravery to strive for something great as well.

What’s your favorite building (architecturally) and why? 
Whichever happens to be Jonathan Segal’s last project. His work is such a sophisticated combination of simple forms, honest materials, and complex functions that I can’t help but be delighted each year as he unveils a new project. Discovering his work always brings a smile to my face and frequently a gasp of disbelief, but never fails to galvanize my spirit with dreams of what I could achieve.