What physical activity do you like best?
My favorite way to stay active has been with a mix of boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Not only is it a great workout, but I love the building of strength and the feeling of power behind each strike. These sports are able to empower me both physically and mentally and I love being able to set new goals for my high kicks and hand speed. The one-on-one time with the heavy bag is also a great stress reliever. Any excuse to get out in the water is also a go-to for me. I love getting on my SUP board and paddling around. It’s easy to get out on the water and forget about time for a while!

What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto has been a huge inspiration for me architecturally. His ability to mix materiality and create a harmony between them as they form the structure draws your eye in and creates a sense of comfort. He is able to merge the seemingly over-scaled exteriors with the functionality of the human scaled interiors with ease. His use of clean lines, repetition in form and joining the linear and curved form is seamless and aspirational. He not only produces amazing architecture, but creates beautiful scenes through the architecture and how it interacts with the earth that houses it. The Muuratsalo Experimental House, Maison Louis Carre and Seinajoki Center are prime examples of why Aalto’s attention to detail and use of space keep you intrigued by the exterior as well as the interior. Alvar Aalto is not only an established architect, but also creates furniture, textiles and sculptures for many of his spaces. His ability to create the built environment and tie it in with how it is used merges my interior design background with my current passion for architecture.