Where is your favorite travel destination?
It really is too early to say. The trouble is there are still so many cultures to learn, places to visit, people to meet, foods and drinks that I have not tried yet. I remember being in awe seeing the ancient temples in Cambodia, the ruins in Mexico, the magnificent buildings in San Francisco and many others in the different cities that I’d been to. I also remember vividly the wild night market in Krong Siem Reap, the not-so-wild one in Chiang Mai and the crowded one in Richmond, Vancouver. I enjoyed the sandy beaches in Vung Tau, Bali, Mexico, the Caribbean regions and Florida. But I was told that beaches in Europe are different. I loved the diverse foods I tasted at the “hawker centres” in Singapore; the BBQ in Houston and Austin, the stone crabs in St. Petersburg, the Chinese foods in Vancouver, all the delicious cuisines in Southeast Asia and of course, the Mexican foods in Mexico. I am planning again the road trip through Europe that I was forced to cancel because of the pandemic. After that, maybe South America? A hike up Machu Picchu? Japan? South Korea? Russia? Mongolia? Azerbaijan? See my points? There is so much more to experience out there.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I loved to get lost in the woods or up in the mountains for a few days backpacking. I particularly love to camp along the Northern Sierra Nevada foothills. From Lassen National Park down to the Bishop area. I do strength training most days and I walk or hike almost every weekend. I also enjoy a solid round of golf whenever I can. You tend to meet a lot of interesting people on the golf courses playing as a single.

Dzien at Angkor Wat Dzien in Bishop