What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
I have had different influences for different periods in my life, but one constant is Mies van der Rohe’s work. The principles of his work are a reminder to be true to the materials, colors, and concepts with which we implement design. In a world full of chaos, I think there is great value in designing spaces that offer clarity and flexibility. The simplicity of works such as The Barcelona Pavilion fosters a type of architecture that feels like a refuge.

Where is your favorite travel destination?
I would like to be anywhere near a warm water beach. Kayaking in the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar in Oahu comes to mind. The water is crystal clear and only waist high at most. There’s something about being in water that helps you center yourself. The sound of the water is soothing and warmth of the sun is comforting. Everything suddenly has a solution and you can just be.