What physical activity do you like best?
My favorite physical activity is playing table tennis, especially when I slice the ball with my paddle to make the ball SPIN. Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get when the opponent fails to catch it and just stands there with a surprised face.

Where is your favorite travel destination?
So far, I have two favorite travel adventures. The first one was a road trip from Ann Arbor, Michigan (where I studied for my master degree) to San Francisco with three other classmates. We drove past a lot of places such as Chicago, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley, Los Angeles and so on. It was fun, and I will never forget about this three-week road trip experience. The other trip was in Venice on my own. At that time, I was in Italy for a school travel program, but there was no plan for Venice, so I went there alone after the studio work. Thanks to my selfie stick, I took a lot of beautiful photos even though I was there alone. Those two trips were great experiences in my life.

Jane in Venice