What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
I’m most inspired by Antoni Gaudi. This world renowned, turn of the 20th century architect designed and master architect built the beginnings of Sagrada Familia; a soaring, heartrending modern cathedral that continues its lofty, inspiring construction even today. Gaudi’s architecture was driven by an organic, modern expressionism that playfully engages it’s visitors; maximizing architecture’s humanistic connections.

What physical activity do you like best?
I love any and most heavy physical outdoor activities, including mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, hiking, and tennis. Those that thrill and enchant the most are in wilderness mountains, providing me tranquility and happiness, as well as some balance to hectic city life.

This photo was taken in Barcelona(Spain) while we had an holiday trip with our school. I used Photoshop to remove cranes in the background of the picture.