Judy Kim

Where is your favorite travel destination?
One of my favorite travel destinations was to Banff, Alberta. Not only is Banff both a town and the name of a National Park, but it is also an absolutely breathtaking place. It is truly a great place to go where you can do about every outdoor activity (skiing, canoeing, fishing, mountain climbing, cycling, etc.). After a day of outdoor activity, Upper Hot Springs is the place to go to de-stress and relax your body in the natural mineral water springs. Lastly, Lake Louise is one of the most mesmerizing places to be at during any time of the year. From its turquoise lake to the mountain backdrop, what’s not to love?

What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
There are many architects/artists that inspire me, but two main people that inspire me up to today are Kazuyo Sejima and Kehinde Wiley. Kazuyo Sejima inspires me because as an architect, she pushes the line between art and architecture, exploring the boundaries of lightness, where barriers always dissolve and the outside is never completely separated from the interior. In many ways, Kehinde Wiley (painter) is like Kazuyo where his realistic paintings push the boundaries of lightness with a style that is transparent and intertwined with nature.

Both of them inspire me because as architects, we must always continue to push the envelope of the distinction between interior and exterior, light and dark. As Kazuyo has said, “Our designs are not driven by what you can do with architecture itself, but by an interest in the way people experience space as a relationship between programme, city and surrounding landscape.”

Lake Louise - Banff The River Building - Kazuyo Sejima