Where is your favorite travel destination?
Famous writer Eric Butterworth once quoted, “don’t go through life, grow through it.” Keeping this mindset, I made an oath to myself to travel somewhere new once every year. Whether it is diving with the fishes in Cozumel, Mexico, hiking to the tallest mountain in Oahu, Hawaii, or backpacking through the ruins city of Italy, every travel destination holds a piece of my heart, and it is difficult to decide on one significant destination. To be honest, it is not where I go but the change of my own perspective at the end of each trip that I most appreciate.

What physical activity do you like best?
I love to do anything that requires any physical activity. You can say I am a bit competitive when it comes to sports because I was involved in so many different activities growing up. So do not be surprised if you catch me tossing a football at an event because that is my ultimate favorite activity!