What is your favorite building and why?
Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe. I discovered the Farnsworth house in an introductory art class during my first year of college. I was struck by the use of minimalist forms and materials, and the implied weightless quality the home presented. It was the most beautifully proportioned sandwich for living I had ever seen. The opposite of a cozy cabin retreat, this floating home in the woods allowed the user to view nature in 360 degrees. I was so impressed by the feelings brought on by this little home that I signed up for architectural classes the next year.

Where is your favorite travel destination?
While I’m sure Europe is lovely, I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet. I do however have some experience traveling in Southeast Asia. My parents live in Singapore, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit and use Singapore as a base for traveling around Asia. My favorite aspect of traveling in this region is the food. Each country has a unique blend of influence from Chinese, Indian, Spanish and Arab cuisine that is just unrivaled anywhere else.

Farnsworth House