We embrace cutting-edge ideals and new perspectives as much as time-honored architectural experiences. That juxtaposition feeds an inquisitive culture and constant exchange of ideas that keeps our work fresh! It cultivates a vibrant environment of mentorship and growth. A genuine sense of camaraderie and teamwork generates energy and an openness that spills over into our off-hours.

Spontaneous jam sessions and death-match ping-pong coincide with company events, community projects, and ongoing professional development. We’ve created a special balance here—through our work, and down our hallways—it’s clear we love what we do.

Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects at Habitat House
After a hard week at work, sometimes you just need to let off a little steam! FPBA-ers went axe throwing over the summer, learning one- and two-handed techniques and practicing precision. The social ended with a timed competition, where team members alternated throwing to reach 30 points as fast as possible. What a thrill!
FPBA at axe throwing
What better method of team building is there than, well, building? With toolboxes and hardhats, FPBA spent a Saturday in November volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Led by expert staff and seasoned volunteers, we tackled projects from roof blocking to siding installation, learning new skills along the way.
FPBA Habitat for Humanity Build
They say those who play well together work well together. FPBA celebrated Spirit Week in October, encouraging themed attire and incorporating Olympic Games for the second year in a row. With themes like Alter Ego Day, the week was an opportunity for all to be inventive and break out of their shells.

We kicked off the week with a captivating game of Giant Jenga, resulting in cheers and tears. A game of Taboo created competitive wordplay with a timer that laid on the pressure. The week's highlight was a relay course involving an apple hop, mystery food, cornhole, Oreo face race, and hula hoop pass. Ultimately, Spirit Week was a thrilling marathon that drove us to work together in new ways.

FPBA Spirit Week 2018
FPBA and C.W. Driver headed to the site of the Mission Hills-Hillcrest Library for a construction tour in July. Our staff enjoyed seeing the spectacular progress taking place and supporting those who have worked so hard on this project! It was a great way to spend some time together outside the office. The library is scheduled to open in January of 2019.
Mission Hills-Hillcrest Library Tour
FPBA's trail blazers took to the sandstone on June 24, 2018, for a trek in La Jolla. The first of FPBA's 2018 Summer Series of Fun, the hike tested the group with obstacles along a narrow path through beach cliffs. Balancing on a wooden plank, climbing through a slot canyon, and rappelling down the final descent with a rope, hikers were challenged to work together to make it to the end, where they were rewarded with a beautiful ocean view.
FPBA Summer Hike
At FPBA, we believe collaboration is the ultimate path to stimulating passion and cultivating knowledge. That’s why we initiated lunchtime collaboratives of various themes, where all can join to discuss and further their understanding of a particular topic. From latest design trends to sustainable practices to public speaking, these gatherings allow FPBA employees to learn from each other, improve their skill sets and have fun!
FPBA Collaboratives