We're an engaged group of design professionals. We believe that purposeful client interaction translates to a positive experience for every member of the project team.

Over the years, along with our many diverse and gratifying architectural and design projects nationwide, we have helped put San Diego on the map as a major force in biotechnology and have contributed to its world-renowned zoo and academic institutions. The constant? We love a challenge and working with smart, talented people whose visions inspire the global community. Whether it’s designing a netzero energy building, navigating strict regulatory requirements, or satisfying a wide range of user groups, FPBA excels at connecting with clients and bringing to life design solutions that reflect their essence, meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We’re a diverse crew, dedicated to quality and service—with equal parts passion, talent, and inquisitive exploration.  We work well together and enjoy creating environments that bring to life our client’s culture—it boils down to providing spaces that inspire people to innovate, engage, relax, and entertain.