FPBA brings vision to NuVasive groundbreaking ceremony with virtual reality

FPBA brought a virtual reality experience of the NuVasive Amenities Building and Campus Upgrades to the project groundbreaking ceremony on May 14, 2018, captivating the company’s shareowners and special guests, including Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Congressman Scott Peters, California 52nd Congressional District.

“What you’re seeing here is we’re expanding this campus from about 145,000 square feet today to over 250,000 square feet,” said Greg Lucier, NuVasive Chairman and CEO. “Right here where we are sitting and standing is going to be that new surgeon education, surgeon experience center.”

The 360-degree renderings and a standalone VR headset engaged ceremony attendees with the new campus design and brought excitement to the construction commencement.

Attendees experience the new NuVasvie campus through VR.

Beyond VR, FPBA also played a campus animation video with a large LED display to further visualize the project for NuVasive’s shareowners.

FPBA’s involvement on the project included designing a new three-story, 28,000-square-foot amenities building that will house a surgical suite, fitness center, conference center, full-service cafeteria, product discovery center and campus reception.

FPBA geared up with VR, a TV and an iPad to visualize the NuVasive project for ceremony guests.

Additionally, site improvements will create a new entry promenade, outdoor cafeteria space/overflow seating, entertainment zone and outdoor collaboration space. The three existing building exteriors will be upgraded to complete the improved campus experience.

The project team ended out the ceremony by grabbing shovels and grinning for the cameras! FPBA is eager to continue working with NuVasive and carry out the project with construction administration through closeout.

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