Accriva Diagnostics - Tenant Improvement Accriva Diagnostics - Tenant Improvement Accriva Diagnostics - Tenant Improvement Accriva Diagnostics - Tenant Improvement Accriva Diagnostics - Tenant Improvement

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Accriva Diagnostics – Tenant Improvement

FPBA was engaged for the programming and design of a 130,000 square foot full-building tenant improvement to create a fully-integrated administrative, R&D and manufacturing facility for a rapidly expanding medical diagnostic device company based in San Diego who were in the process of completing acquisition of an east-coast entity and required FPBA to inventory, assess and support relocation/reassembly of a range of large production equipment including several large modular environmental rooms.

As adherence to an accelerated schedule was key to the project success, FPBA devised a design and permitting sequence that allowed an early start via a series of permit packages, each designed to meet a critical interim milestone, and each coordinated with the shipping and reassembly of the modular units. To further ensure project acceleration, FPBA worked with the City of San Diego Business Expansion and Retention team, a component of the Economic Development Division, to obtain both Expedited and Express Plan Check approvals. To further streamline the permitting process, FPBA arranged for preliminary Development Services reviews of those scope elements that might have otherwise delayed plan check reviews or permits.

Various components of the client’s operations are regulated by the FDA, including facility inspections/approvals and CLIA-certification of several areas. Building on our experience with prior FDA inspected facilities and CLIA-certified labs, FPBA structured the design document packages to directly support Turn-over Packages and the associated Facility Validation processes, achieving both schedule and cost economies.

FPBA also provided full-service Interior Design services including authoring and managing a Request for Proposals for both systems and loose furnishing. The RFP was structured to provide the Client with weighted assessments of cost, quality and expedited delivery/installation. Initial selections were rapidly modified when the selected vendor was unable to meet schedule with new systems. FPBA immediately revised the space planning to allow for reconditioned systems, which were both immediately available and more cost effective.



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