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Decipher Biosciences

Decipher Biosciences is a premier provider of genomic testing for prostate and bladder cancers. The company leased the second floor of a Healthpeak building at 6925 Lusk Blvd.

FPBA executed a 16,000 SF tenant improvement complete with lab space, open office space, conference rooms, huddle areas, lobby, and a uniquely shaped break room.

Bright accent walls and linear lighting bring life to the office space. Liberal use of glass walls increase transparency and connect the lab and office areas.

FPBA originally designed the space as a lab-office speculative suite for Healthpeak. The planning and design of the spec suite helped attract Decipher Bio to the building and provided a solid foundation for the tenant improvement. Pendant light fixtures that were initially installed in the speculative suite were re-imagined in the tenant improvement and placed in conjunction with floating acoustical ceilings.

FPBA also recently completed a speculative suite for Healthpeak on the first floor of the same building.


San Diego, CA

Square Footage

16,000 SF

Team Members

Andy Darragh
Dan Rosenberg
David Boyd
Denom Dang
Masa Aoe