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iBio, Inc.

iBio, Inc is an AI-driven biotech company and a leader in epitope-steered antibody discovery. The company is tackling complex and challenging therapeutic targets, with the goal of developing safer and more effective immunotherapies. They envision a world where drug discovery is not left to chance but guided by artificial intelligence to make drug development smarter, more precise, and ultimately faster.

FPBA worked with developer Longfellow Real Estate and iBio to design a lab-office suite at the SOVA Science District. The existing suite was an office space with ceilings under 8 feet. FPBA, the engineers and contractor collaborated to find a solution that would maximize the height in the new laboratory. Wedging the ductwork between joists allowed for a more spacious setting.

Overhead utilities and mobile furniture allow for easy reconfiguration and flexibility for future changes.


San Diego, CA

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Team Members

Dan Rosenberg
Ann Shelton
Michael Loesch