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Juno Diagnostics

Juno Diagnostics is a biotechnology company that develops accessible and affordable prenatal screening tests. The company leased space at Longfellow Real Estate’s SOVA Science District campus to expand their testing capabilities.

FPBA had previously designed speculative lab-office improvements for Longfellow. When Juno leased the suite, FPBA worked with them to customize the design to their scientific process.

In order to assure accurate test results for their customers, Juno required separate lab areas for various stages to avoid contamination. The resulting lab configuration supports an efficient workflow from shipping & receiving through processing and analyzing the samples. A pass-through window between two labs allows for safe transfer of samples from one stage to the next. Open and private offices, conference rooms and a break room fill out the remaining the space.


San Diego, CA

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Team Members

Dan Rosenberg
Ann Shelton
Fabiana Galvani
Kate Novikova
Cody Clark