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Texas A&M University System National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing

The “Flexible by Design” program for Texas A&M University’s new 156,000-square-foot facility revolutionizes the production of vaccines and critical medical therapies. Encompassing academic, research and development activities under one roof with areas and functions to promote collaboration and cross fertilization of ideas, it is the “first-in-class” facility to potentially create vast opportunities in the biopharmaceutical industry and for the state of Texas. It has become an international destination for research and application of new technologies for the development of medications to combat diseases and serves as a model for future strategic national efforts to protect humanity from bio-terror threats and attacks.


College Station, Texas

Square Footage


Team Members

Jim Ferguson
Dan Rosenberg
Allan Trowbridge


National Design Award in Industrial/Manufacturing category by California Council Society of American Registered Architects (SARA)