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Torrey Pines Science Park

The Torrey Pines Science Park, one of the most beautiful campuses in La Jolla, with mature landscape, excellent views and calm and reflective gathering areas, provides an enriching natural environment for tenants and visitors alike.

FPBA, in collaboration with HCP, sought to renovate the two existing buildings with the exterior beauty in mind. The design approach centered on the lush landscape to incorporate natural wood and muted panes of glass with carefully placed contemporary art and furnishings all to a modern fresh result.  Lobby seating areas were “found” by infilling dated interior planting pits with the newly-created areas capturing views toward the landscape and the Torrey Pines Golf Course immediately west of the campus. The new conference center, completely renovated fitness center and café with indoor/outdoor eating areas, and upgrades to the two primary building lobbies create an entirely new campus experience for the Torrey Pines Park.


La Jolla, CA

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Team Members

Amanda Schultz