City of Poway Aubrey Park

This 10-acre park was designed for the City of Poway to coincide with the character of the “Old Poway Park.” FPBA designed the public amenities around old growth trees to achieve a rustic style. The park includes a Snack Shack building, a 2,400-square-foot-facility located in the flood plane of Aubrey Park, and four ball fields… Read more »

Poway City Library

With continued growth and demand, the City of Poway elected to move its library and sheriff station from storefront facilities to a new community service center to accommodate significant expansion of safety personnel in the growing Poway Community. FPBA created a high visibility civic center in an area designated for redevelopment with a flexible learning… Read more »

Poway City Offices

The City of Poway wanted to consolidate its existing operations and expand the capacity of the City Council Chambers and City Offices. FPBA worked with the City to determine a municipal building size that met its present and long-term needs. The Poway City Offices were designed to centrally locate all public interaction with City departments around… Read more »