Sorrento Therapeutics

Sorrento Therapeutics is an antibody-centric, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of safe and effective immunotherapies for oncology and autoimmune/inflammation diseases. The company’s acquisition of several companies drove the need to expand its facilities and bring these acquisitions under one roof in a leased 75,000-square-foot building. The project included renovation of… Read more »

Mission Hills-Hillcrest/Knox Library

FPBA, teamed with C.W. Driver and Manuel Oncina Architects, recently completed the new Mission Hills-Hillcrest/Harley & Bessie Knox Library. The City of San Diego selected the design-build team to execute the 16,000-square-foot library from bridging documents. The new 16,000-square-foot single-story library, situated over two levels of subterranean parking (54,500 total square feet), is more than… Read more »

El Cajon Animal Shelter

The El Cajon Animal Shelter provides animal care services for El Cajon and La Mesa including pet adoption services, housing for dogs, cats, small mammals, and reptiles, veterinary services, grooming areas, play/interaction areas, exercise yards, retail, and administrative offices, with up to 7,000 square feet of entitled expansion to accommodate future programs. The 14,000-square-foot shelter… Read more »

Wegeforth Bowl – San Diego Zoo

The Wegeforth Bowl at the San Diego Zoo is an outdoor amphitheater. Named after Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth, the founder and first president of the Zoological Society of San Diego, the amphitheater showcases various animals and their trainers entertaining and educating zoo visitors. In 2016, the San Diego Zoo celebrates 100 years!

College Rolando Branch Library

The Rolando Library functions as a community resource center to promote education and cultural events. The total site of 1.4 acres includes utilities, grading, parking, architectural pavement and landscaping. As a result of three years of community meetings and discussions about the image of the new library, FPBA executed a building design that represents and brings… Read more »

Panda Trek at the San Diego Zoo

FPBA designed a Panda exhibit guest queuing experience with associated themeing, interpretive structures, exhibits and management structures for Takins, Red Pandas and Asian vipers.

Cymer Café and Kitchen

Cymer, the largest supplier of deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources, sought to expand its existing facility by adding a full-service kitchen and café for employees and visitors to enjoy. The expansion is an addition to the 134,000-square-foot facility designed by FPBA in 1999. The vibrant space is flooded with expansive light from the north-facing glazing… Read more »

Sabertooth Grill at the San Diego Zoo

This 3,300 SF dine-in restaurant and grill at San Diego Zoo is a key component of the overall Elephant Odyssey project. Strategically located, this full-service dining venue includes a large (4,500 sf) open-air seating plaza designed to accommodate large gatherings including weddings. The site, on a mesa overlooking the main exhibits, offers unobstructed views of… Read more »

Tusker’s Trunk at the San Diego Zoo

This 1,400 SF merchandise retail store at San Diego Zoo shares guest support functions with the adjacent Sabertooth Grill and offers a range of themed merchandise in an open-air, bazaar-like setting. Products from around the world reinforce the Zoo’s commitment to education of guests of all ages. A significant portion of the shop’s retail income… Read more »