Where is your favorite travel destination?
It’s impossible to pick a favorite! Whether it’s a place to enjoy the best snorkeling (Cairns, Australia), relax on white sand beaches (Rarotonga, Cook Islands) or black or red (Santorini, Greece), or see some of the greatest pieces of architecture worldwide – from ruins (Rome, Italy) to modern marvels (Copenhagen, Denmark), the most important thing is to get out there and see it, learn from it, live it, breathe it. Traveling offers a different perspective on life, teaches you such resiliency, and gives you a greater appreciation for what you have. Next up – Japan!

What physical activity do you like best?
Indoor cycling – I was an avid (indoor) cyclist for two years before becoming an instructor in 2008 and have been teaching (by night) ever since. I love feeding off the energy of the music and those around me. High-intensity interval training without the strain on joints is a win-win, a no brainer in my book. It’s not the visible benefits I get excited about, it’s what I don’t see. Health care professionals always ask me, “You do a lot of cardio, don’t you?” I love seeing the expression on their faces as they’re measuring my heart rate or blood pressure: seated heart rate (not resting, seated) under 50 bpm – yea! I use their response as a gauge: If they’re not impressed, I need to hit the cycle room. Contact me if ever you want to participate in a group ride – I’m always game!