Becky Scheible

Where is your favorite travel destination?
I spent a summer studying abroad in the Balkans, and I fell in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Though its government still struggles to function properly today, the country is filled with incredible, strong people. Its unique mix of cultures can’t be found many places, and the food (especially ćevapi) is mouthwatering. With lush green landscapes, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of a kind. My favorite site was Kravica Falls, a stunning 80-foot cascade not too overrun with tourists.

What’s your favorite building and why?
My favorite building is the Krzywy Domek (or Crooked House) in Sopot, Poland, designed by architects Szotyńscy & Zaleski in 2004. Bringing a fairytale to life, the architects took inspiration from illustrations by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. I was so struck by this building that I decided to paint it in a high school history class. With how distorted the exterior appears, it’s hard to believe that images of this building haven’t been photoshopped.