What could you give a 30-minute presentation about with no preparation?
I feel that I could give a presentation on true crime because I have had a fascination with it since I was a teenager. It may have even started when I was younger and the OJ Simpson trial was on TV in the early 90s. What interests me about it is the mixture of history, architecture and the human condition which all intertwines within true crime. When I read Helter Skelter over the summer in high school, I just became that much more drawn to the subject, as macabre as it is. I heard someone say that the Irish are obsessed with death, and that certainly rings true for me. It’s not so much serial killers or high profile cases that interest me, it’s the overall genre that I am drawn to. True crime is my favorite subject to read about and listen to podcasts on. I would research famous murder locations in LA and take a self-guided tour to some spots, like the Manson murders, Black Dahlia murder, and the Wonderland Murders locations. I took a Jack the Ripper tour in London and I was absolutely fascinated by the history and unbelievable horror of the case. The show Mindhunter was about the early FBI criminal profilers, which was incredibly interesting and eye-opening. I could go on and on about true crime. I do have to take a break from it periodically and balance it out with some lighter, more positive topics of interest, because it gets dark quickly. But I always find myself coming back to it inevitably.

What color describes your personality and why?
The color red resonates the most with me. It’s my favorite color and I think it the various shades of red are beautiful and mesmerizing. I like it because it represents a fiery energy, which I can relate to as an Aries. It is vibrant, fierce and lively. It’s a bold, strong color that inspires both love and war. I’m a pretty peaceful-minded person, but on occasion, I get fired up about things I am passionate about, in a positive manner. Blue-red is the hue that complements my wardrobe best, and I like to stand out from the crowd. It may be why I changed my hair color to red from natural brown, because I just love the color. It inspires my soul!