What are your interest and hobbies outside of work?
My favorite hobby to do outside of work is drawing. Art has been my passion since high school, but over the past five years I’ve found and developed my passion for the pointillism technique and becoming an exhibition artist. I also enjoy going on swim and hiking trips with my pup Gray. We like to take advantage of any opportunity to be outside to explore new places and meet new people.

What architect inspires me?
Frank Gehry and his style of deconstructivism architecture has been a big inspiration to me throughout my college and professional career. Gehry’s ability to combine new architectural forms with the existing structure through the use of various textures and materials, such as the ‘Dancing House’ in Prague, have pushed the boundaries on how architecture and the built environment should be viewed and experienced.

Donyelle's Pointillism Art  Donyelle's Art Exhibition