Where is your favorite travel destination?
Well, that’s a tough one. I’d say British Columbia, Canada, where you can go from sea to sky in a couple of miles. British Columbia has beautiful beaches, high mountains, wild nature, and great multicultural people. I lived in Vancouver and really enjoyed the seawall, full of bike lanes and parks surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It’s a vivid city and it was a really important piece in my professional journey. I learned a lot and really appreciated my overall experiences there. One interesting fact is that Vancouver has a plan in action to achieve the goal of zero waste by 2040, which is putting the city on the path to becoming the greenest city in the world.

What’s your favorite building and why?
My favorite building is the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) by Santiago Calatrava, a grandiose construction that impressively evokes a sense of simplicity while walking into it. The ambience makes you feel comfortable and cheerful. The building has an impressive system of bris-soleil with louvers that open and close like bird’s wings. In my opinion, it is the perfect combination of architectural design, construction technology and landscape.

British Columbia Landscape