What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Personally there is nothing greater than being subjected to fresh crisp air, attractive backdrops with intact landscape and local, yet mysterious, wildlife. San Diego County and its bordering counties have beautiful woodland areas to explore and indulge in. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of these gems but my favorite way is hunting. Although we do not have the vast forestry and assortment of wildlife such as Northern California and Montana, Southern California still is a jewel. I started hunting two years ago. It’s the whole experience from fond memories that surface from when I was a kid pretending to be a discoverer exploring unfamiliar terrain to the rewarding laughter and stories I share with my family. I take enjoyment in the adventure of pursuing and sightseeing. When I’m out scouting San Diego’s backcountry it gives me a sense of true freedom and a nice break from the “city life.” Although I was born and raised in the city I am a country boy at heart.

What’s your favorite building?
Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is still my favorite building. I’m enthralled by the organic design and integration of its natural surroundings with the design of the house. Wright only used four materials to build it. A beautiful home nested in an amazing setting over naturally cascading water. What’s not to love?…