Where is your favorite travel destination?
I get a real inspiration from nature. One of my favorite travel destinations is Norway. When you travel around the Norway, you see majestic mountains, spectacular islands and famous fjords. We usually take a car and travel on a serpentine road around the massifs. We stop every once in a while to look at the breathtaking waterfalls. Usually, I take a boat and go fishing with my friends. Fishing in Norway is absolutely a different experience than anywhere else. For the weekend my friends and I go to Bergen. Bergen has beautifully preserved wooden buildings and excellent museums; its seaport market is famous for mouth-watering cuisine. During the weekdays we stay at my friend’s house down the mountains. The nature and views there are absolutely amazing! If you wake up really early in the morning, you will have a chance to meditate around the cliffs in complete silence. My life is always busy; sometimes it`s really nice to just slow down for a little bit. For me Norway is one of the best places in the world for rebooting.

What architect/artist/designer inspires you and why?
One of my most admired architects is Renzo Piano. I love the way he combines a high-tech look with natural lightness and innovative practical ideas using recycled materials whenever possible. He is diverse; some buildings are industrial looking, some soft lined and green. He is known for a modern touch in everything he does, from Centre Pompidou to the world’s greenest museum. Around 10 years ago, I visited Pompidou. At that time it was one of my biggest impressions from architecture. It’s interesting how you walk along the museum and find things you would never expect to see. The most important thing is that Renzo Piano’s works show how architecture can serve needs for both people and nature.