What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Food and exercise. I like tasting and cooking all kinds of food—like BBQ, budae hotpot, sushi, noodles, and a lot of Asian dishes. I like doing a lot of workouts as well, especially rock climbing. I love the feeling of touching the highest point and stealing a glance through my arm. It helps me to overcome acrophobia and challenge myself again and again until I get used to the height.

What’s your favorite building and why?
My favorite building is the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry in LA. I could never forget how astonished I was the first time I saw it. My father was a general contractor; ninety-nine percent of his building was orthogonal and even without any angle. When I stood in front of Walt Disney Hall, something rooted in my heart totally collapsed. I hoped to design a building sitting somewhere, to inform some other kids like me. That is the moment I started to pursue my career as an architect.

Walt Disney Concert Hall