Where is your favorite travel destination?
You could say that I am a travel addict. I get my high from knowing that I am about to embark into an unknown (to me) territory. I travel to experience everything—learn their culture, taste their cuisine, meet their people and pick up a few useful phrases in the local language. I love reading up on the country I plan to go to—their history, places to visit, things to do, and what to eat—all in the name of experiencing everything I can to enrich myself and expand my horizon. So far, I have been to 48 countries and I don’t plan to stop there.

I can’t say I have one singular favorite, but I can say that I have three top destinations: Japan, Peru, and Egypt. Each have their own unique beauty, both built and natural. Their food is incredible to the point that I would fly there just to eat. Their history and culture are rich and spans hundreds, even thousands of years. I could go on and on.

Other than travelling itself, I love sharing unforgettable experiences and memories. If you want a conversation that would last for hours, come tell me about your favorite travel experience!

What physical activity do you like best?
The fitness bug has bitten me. I am currently doing boxing, bootcamp, pilates and strength training (no, not at the same time). I like the feeling of accomplishing something, the release of all stress, and feeling stronger than I did the day before. It helps that it keeps me fit because I do LOVE eating!