What could you give a 30-minute presentation about with no preparation?
Astrophysics: I am by no means an expert, however I’ve always had a fascination with the cosmos. This fascination coincides with a desire to understand the fundamental nature of the universe and our place within it. From the formation of star systems, to the behavior and creation of blackholes, and even the interaction of elements at the atomic level that ignite a ball of matter into nuclear fusion, giving birth to a star. I’ve been in awe of the complexity and magnitude since I was young.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I really enjoy cooking. My favorite part is preparing food to cook. I find it relaxing cutting vegetables getting them ready to come together for a final dish. Additionally, knowing exactly what you’re putting into your food I find rewarding. I’ve held jobs cooking as a sous chef in restaurants, as a butcher, and as a prep cook.